We list lenders that provide the opportunity to extend your sms loan

Sometimes a borrower misses the date when the loan would have been paid off. This can be due to various reasons, such as that you do not have enough money, the battery in the bank box is exhausted or you may simply have forgotten.

In such situations it may be nice to have the opportunity to extend the loan for a small fee. Below we list on Getlend Finance all lenders offering extension of the Getlend.

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Think before you take out a loan

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A quick loan doesn’t actually cost you much at all (sometimes not a penny more than what you borrowed), provided you are careful about the repayment. Therefore, before applying for a sms loan, it is important that you first sit down and calculate so you are really sure that you can repay the sms loan on time. If you are not sure about this, you should either consider borrowing or contact a sms lender that offers the option of extending the loan.


Extending can be cheaper

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If you choose a sms lender who can extend a loan, you should find out how long you can extend the sms loan and how much it will cost. In normal cases, you pay the same interest rate as you do for your regular loan period and you can in any case be able to extend sms loans for at least 30 days. A cost that, after all, can be reasonable considering that you do not then have to risk getting a payment note or any penalty. In addition, you do not have reminders and delays, which are guaranteed to make your loan much more expensive than planned.


More about loan extension

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Some lenders offer monthly extensions on multiple occasions, but do not extend the sms loan for too long as the final bill can be very expensive for you. Instead, see the possibility of extension as a kind of emergency solution that is good to fall back on should an unexpected crisis occur. Always try to prioritize repayment of the loan on time.  Here on Getlend Finance you will find several sms lenders who can extend sms loans.

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